Hydraulic Tube Assemblies

At Tru-Line, we specialize primarily in metallic fabricated tube assemblies for hydraulic circuits and steering, brake and fuel systems. Our tube assemblies are used in utility tractors, cranes, waste disposal vehicles, golf and turf equipment, and industrial equipment. The tube assemblies are constructed from tubing products that meet SAE International, ISO, and ASTM industry standards. We custom fabricate the tube assemblies to each customer's specifications.

Some of the types of hydraulic tube assemblies that we fabricate include:

  • High Pressure Hydraulic Lines
  • Low Pressure Return Lines
  • Power Steering and Brake Lines
  • Fuel Lines
  • Manifold Assemblies
  • Suction Lines

We are capable of fabricating hydraulic tube assemblies from tubing ranging in diameter from 6.53 mm (.25") through 63.5 m (2.5"). Our current maximum length for tube fabrication is 6,096 mm (240").